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James Mark Jones as of 12/11/2021

I’ve lost so much due to mental illness. I haven’t been able to work since a mental breakdown in 2019. I haven’t been able to make credit card payments in months. I’ve lost everything except for personal belongings and furniture. I have ongoing out-of-pocket medical bills for the treatments I take at Nashville Brain Institute. I need your support both morally and financially to get back on my feet again. Please give what you can to support me in my creative journey, or drop me a few encouraging words in the contact tab.

I’ve fought severe anxiety and depression all my life. Growing up I dealt with ADD which exacerbated the anxiety. As an adult, PTSD became an issue from enduring violent childhood trauma. Only recently in 2021 have I been able to move beyond these debilitating conditions to live again. Through treatments, therapy, and a lot of difficult work, I am ready to go for it in life again.

I’ve been creating new work since March of 2021 with down times when I was completely blocked creatively due to depression and lingering anxiety. It was only recently in November that the depression and anxiety have lifted and I feel “normal” again. I’m trying to get back on my feet. I’m participating in local art markets and exhibitions but I’ve only sold two pieces. I’m currently preparing for speaking engagements in 2022. I’ve been asked by HAPI, Healing Arts Project Incorporated, to speak to their classes from February to June regarding incorporating recycled materials into artworks. Things are starting to happen, but not fast enough to keep me afloat.

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