Stumbling a bit this week

This has been a week of anxiety to the point that I could not work. Each time I looked at my workstation, I just felt hung up by something. The more I thought about working on art, the more anxious I felt. I have got to get past this. I’ve had to use CBD oil and herbal tinctures to calm myself. I did manage to get some paper processed, so that is something. I could use some levity.

Silly I know, but it’s fun

I’ve been using the word art in funny ways to amuse myself when I speak about my work. I thought these would make good t-shirt ideas.

Art, a single piece of art.

Arts, more than one art- I have created so many arts today.

Arting, the act of making art- What am I doing right now? I’m arting.

Arted, having already made art- What did I do today? I arted.

A different kind of storytime

This is the beginning of a short story that I wrote about a year ago.

She screamed into the night with tears rolling down her cheeks.  A flash of bright light appeared before her eyes and burst forth becoming fire. The girl had no idea what magic she’d done. The fire rose into the air licking at the trees. The heat was intense but was only warming to her. As the fire died down, she saw two piercing eyes staring at her through the trees. The fire was reflecting in the eyes giving them a sinister glow. She called out, “who’s there.” There was a stir in the bushes and out came a dark-skinned man with curly black hair. She‘d never seen this man before, but she wasn’t scared. From what she’d just witnessed, there was no reason for her to be scared of anything. “I’m called Bindal”, he said in a reserved, quiet tone. There’s no need to be afraid. You see I’m lost. Can you help me get back on the middle forest path? As she gazed upon him, she began to see flashes of his life. 

I like it but I’m not sure if I will ever finish it though.

I use recycled materials to create art that you will need.

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