My online store is live

My online store is live

My goal was to have my work listed for sale on my website by midsummer. I reached my goal, but with a few hiccups.

I worked an entire day photographing, editing, and creating product listings for each piece that’s finished. I launched the store plugin on my website yesterday, July 21st, and then got into bed.

Shortly there after my good friend sent me a text saying that he tried to buy one of my pieces, but was unable to get to the shopping cart. I said the F-word, got out of bed, and worked until midnight, but finally figured it out.

The next morning, My friend had purchased the piece that he wanted. He’s local and I was concerned about shipping charges. I sent a text asking about the shipping. He said there were no shipping options offered. My heart sunk. I had no choice but to mark all items as sold until the issue was sorted out. I worked half the day with support to fix the issue, and now it works.

This is the second website that I’ve built for a business that I’ve owned. I prefer to do it myself as opposed to giving someone else the control. I learned this by getting burned by a website developer. The learning curve is tough, but I think it’s worth it.

I hope to get this second production run to the final stages by the end of next week. Hopefully, within two weeks, I’ll have more pieces listed for sale on the website.

I use recycled materials to create art that you will need.

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