Creative flow and tools for when I’m stuck

If you’re following my journal, you know that I was creatively blocked by anxiety and depression for many years. Even as far back as 2006 when I was making art, I was periodically blocked. It was frustrating, to say the least. After 2008 or so, the creativity just stopped.

I am so grateful that the blockage has finally cleared. Creative ideas are flowing pretty freely for me now and it’s so exciting. I get inspired by so many things that I see throughout my day. Sometimes ideas just come to me in flashes without reason or prompting. I’m sure that this normal for many artists, but for me, it’s a new thing.

Tools that I use for boosting creativity

If ever I do get stuck, or if I get bored with the work, there are things that I do that help to keep it fresh. If I want to play with a new texture I just head out to the forest. Besides the calming effect of the forest, and nature in general, the it is full of inspiration for me. I spend time off the beaten path slowly wandering around looking at the ground, the base of trees, or stone outcroppings. I take several photographs to review them later on when I have time to really dig in.

Creative visualization

For me, creative visualization is an excelent tool for seeing the work with different colors washes. I just by close my eyes and concente for a moment. I want to practice this technique for any problem-solving needs that might arise. I highly recommend that you give it a try if you ever find yourself stuck in your process.

My camera is my friend

Another tool that I like to use is taking a series of photographs of the work with elements placed in different positions. I put the work away and move on to something else. Then later on, or even the next day, I look over the photos to decide which of the positions feels right.  

Story time

I’ve been kicking around the idea of including a short story about the many exciting, terrifying, and downright stupid things that I’ve done in my life. Maybe just a few paragraphs for me to reminisce about and perhaps even learn something from. Like the time I was asked to be in the Nutcracker ballet at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center last minute and performed 10 shows with no experience whatsoever. Or the time I hopped in a suburban with a bunch of friends to move to NYC on a whim. Oh, and the time a guy slept over with my roommates and I after he’d committed murder that evening. We didn’t know anytng about it for days, but when we found out, the signs were all there that evening. Any-hoo, I’ve got stories.

I use recycled materials to create art that you will need.

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