Sourcing recycled materials

I try to use, or reuse, recycled materials in my work as much as possible. I use cigar boxes and lids, silverware cases, and I do also make my own artist boards from whatever I can get my hands on. I recently logged on to Facebook just in time to find that my favorite reuse store, Turnip Green Creative Reuse, had posted a hot item they had just received only 4 minutes earlier. Someone had donated thirty or so canvas stretcher bars that had the canvas cut out leaving them with just the stapled part of canvas left on them.

I quickly got in my car and drove straight there in the hopes that no one had taken all of them yet. They were still in the storeroom when I arrived, so I got several. I just need to pick up some 1/8th inch birch plywood from the hardware store to build artist boards out of them. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find plywood for reuse that isn’t already cut into strips or odd shapes.

I was also lucky enough to find several of the molded paper package inserts that I use. Two were from a wine shipment. Each case of wine has a top, middle, and bottom piece so, score!

Some were from Turnip Green Creative Reuse, and some were from my local group. I spent much of Sunday morning cutting, soaking, and pounding them out flat to dry.

More experimentation

I’m really enjoying playing with the Stabilo Woody pencils and acrylic paint. I was inspired by UK artist Lewis Noble to mix these two mediums together. If you’re not familiar with Stabilo Woodies, they are a very thick colored pencil that acts like watercolor when wet.

I love wiping back some of the paint layers to reveal the unique patterns of the sculpted paper. You’ll see more of this in future works.

Mental health support

If you or anyone you know is dealing with mental health issues, check out the Mental Health Resources tab on this website. Please share these links with those in crisis. It could help someone live a better life, or even prevent a life from being lost to suicide. Pass it on.

I use recycled materials to create art that you will need.

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