Research and experimenting

Researching a name for my work

Working with molded paper pulp is so new to me that I really don’t know what to call my creations. Are they wall sculptures, mixed media sculpture or just wall art? I thought that there must be someone out there doing the same thing and there must be a name for it. I searched the web. I entered an array of word combinations into Google to see if there was anything out there. There was nothing similar and no special name. Though I didn’t find anyone using these materials in the same way, I did come across some amazing artists that are most inspiring to me. Check out Claire Wilson, Lawrence Carrol, and Mirco Marchelli for yourself.

Experimenting with materials early on

Below are just a few of the experiments that I worked on to develop technique. I built up layers of pulp allowing them to dry between each application. Image on left- I covered it with a skin of thin paper that I made by hand. Center image- I covered this one with pasteboard from a cereal box. Image on right- I cut and collaged pieces that I had sculpted. I’m thinking of finishing these, and several others, to offer as Patreon perks once I launch my Patreon page. What do you think about that Idea? Please share a comment.

Trying new ways to use salvaged materials

The egg cartons that I broke down into useable parts can make an interesting scale like pattern. I’m just don’t have any work in mind as of yet where I’d use this texture.

What I’m working on now

I’ve been playing with used tea bags to create a faux encaustic look. There are many more layers of gel medium to go before it has the look that I’m going for. I like playing with these little window openings on a concrete look. I’m building a larger version of this at the moment. Sculpting around these sticks was a fun experiment. To see how these ongoing experiments go, please like and subscribe, and also share. Thanks.

Mental health check-in

As I’ve mentioned before, I still have episodes of anxiety that interfere with life. I recently had a vivid dream in which I relived a traumatic event. The dream seemed to playout in real time of that day. I was jarred awake just after midnight in a panic. I barely got any sleep thereafter. I was in high anxiety mode all that day. I couldn’t shake it and I got little work done as a result. I kept beating myself up about it, however, later in the day I remembered to be gentle with myself because I am not my mental illness. I’m just a man who fights with this horrible thing and wins more often than not.

I use recycled materials to create art that you will need.

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