Where I am today

Since the clearing of my creative block, I’m working six to nine hours a day, seven days a week creating pieces to be loved by others. I’m also working on the website and writing blog posts ahead of publication. I’ll begin uploading the new works to the gallery and shop once I’ve gotten them photographed. I’m just not there yet.

I’ve been researching and meeting with local support resources for artists as I work on a long-term plan. I’ve scheduled a tour at a Nashville based maker space co-op. I toured this facility back in October 2020, but I want to revisit to see if we could work together in some way now that I’m creating again.

When I moved back to Tennessee from Maine in late August 2020, I had three goals in mind. Number one was to get physically healthy. I struggled for over a year with tears to the rotator cuffs, bicep tendons and labrum in both shoulders. I’ve had surgery on my right shoulder and I’m recovering nicely. Surgery for the left shoulder will happen later in the year, or next year. My left shoulder is doing better at the moment and I intend to keep it that way.  

Number two was to get mentally healthy. Through weekly therapy sessions and medication management, I am feeling better. I’m free from the quagmire of depression that I lived in for so long. Before I moved back, I had frequent anxiety attacks were intense and quite taxing both mentally and physically.  The attacks are now less intense and less frequent.

I had only three days of notable anxiety last week, the week of April 28th. I had periodic agitating feelings of fear and angst on a couple of the days which made it difficult to concentrate, but I didn’t become triggered into fight or flight. There was one whole day of feelings of fear and panic with argumentative negative self-talk. It overtook my day, and I did get to the point of fight or flight. I had to shut down in order keep calm. I got little work done and I didn’t feel good about the work that I did. My anxiety is much better overall, so I’ll take it. 

Number three was to be intuitively creative again. That has finally happened for me and I am so relieved, and I feel so free when I’m working. The work itself is therapeutic and the time flies by.

I’m working on new pieces all the time. Below are just a few. I have 12 pieces going all at once now that are in varying stages of production. I’ll share more in a later blog post.

I use recycled materials to create art that you will need.

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